"A Gift for mom award"

Program Details


                 Every year, WCI presents "a gift for mom" award to a very deserving single mother. To qualify for this prestigious award, the ideal candidate

             must meet all of the following requirements;

             Must be a single mother. Must be employed. Must have been through "the storm and back" and still keep moving forward.

             Must be a strong woman and a great mother. Must be hard working and "all weather" (has a CAN DO spirit)

            You can nominate anyone you feel meet the above requirements. Deadline for the nomination is on July 15th, 2016 before 6pm.

            The winner will be announced at our 3rd Annual Charity Conference on 09/24/16.

            Nominate your candidate for this year's "WCI's gift for mom award" by completing the form below

            Be ready to state WHY you feel your candidate deserves to win. Thank you for your participation. May God continue to bless you and your families!